Why Internet Marketing Rules!

Once you have chosen what you’re going to sell, either your own product or someone else’s, internet marketing is simply the best way to sell it. Why?

  1. No premises to rent
  2. No inventory to store
  3. No hefty franchise fee
  4. No face to face selling
  5. Wake when you want
  6. Work where you want
  7. Reach a global market
  8. Infinitely scalable

No Premises to Rent

Most methods of starting a business have very high costs. If you’re opening up a local business or a franchise, you’re going to have to rent premises.

Unless you’re one of those people who has a bottomless pit of money (which you aren’t, or you wouldn’t be here reading this!) this usually means going to the bank and taking out a loan. Which also means paperwork and headaches.

Not to mention the high risk. What if your early sales are low and don’t cover the cost of your rent? You might end up losing your personal possessions. No wonder most people don’t have the guts to start a business.

With internet marketing, there’s no premises to rent because everything is virtual and digital. You sell your products via a website. Basic websites cost pennies. Even if you want one professionally designed, it’s still very affordable.

If you’re a Freedom Editor member, you don’t even need to pay anything for a website because the company has already built and provides all the websites you’ll need! All you need to do is send new customers to those websites. When the customers buy the products, the company pays you the commissions.

No Hefty Franchise Fee

In the same way, most methods of starting a business require a colossal investment up front. If you wanted to open up a McDonald’s franchise, they’ll ask you to fork out hundreds of thousands for the franchise fee!

And if you wanted to go into real estate investing, you’ll similarly need to go into a lot of debt acquiring the real estate before the rental income gets you back into the black.

Internet marketing is so low cost that you don’t need to go into any debt at all. All you need to do is set up a simple website that sells your product for you (or use someone else’s, in the case of Freedom Editor), and then continually send people to that website.

No Inventory to Store

A big headache of many physical businesses, including multi level marketing, is the requirement to purchase and store inventory.

Why is this a downside? First, there’s the risk that you might not sell it. Even if you do sell your inventory, you’ll only get to keep a small profit margin because of the cost of the inventory.

And how is your spouse going to feel about you taking up all the space in your garage with boxes of inventory?

With internet marketing, you don’t necessarily have to store any inventory. For example, you can turn the knowledge inside your own head into a digital product. This is a special kind of product because it has no physical form and only exists inside a computer. That means there are no sourcing or shipping costs, you don’t have to fill up your garage and you get to keep a bigger profit margin!

Or, instead of creating your own digital product, you can help other internet sellers to sell their digital products, by sending new customers to their websites. Freedom Editor will show you how.

No Face to Face Selling

Do you like the idea of going door to door and pressuring strangers to buy your vacuum cleaner? Or, inviting all your family and friends to a party where you’re going to sell your cosmetics or nutritional supplements?

If not, multi level marketing or direct sales probably aren’t for you!

Even if face to face selling doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies, it’s still not a valuable use of your time. Most customers are going to say no, even if you’re good at sales.

You’re here because you want more freedom, and spending all day hearing customers say no means you have less time to do the things you actually want to do. Relaxing, spending more time with your family, traveling, taking up a hobby.

With internet marketing, your websites take care of all the selling for you. Which also means that you can…

Wake When You Want!

No need to get up early every morning to open up shop.

With internet marketing, everything is automated and your websites will sell your products for you around the clock.

This is the biggest benefit of internet marketing because it gives you back freedom and control over how you spend your time. You can truly be “now selling” around the clock, even while you sleep.

Just think about how different your life would be if most of your “work” was done before breakfast, and then when you return home from having fun with your family and friends, all you do is just log in online to see how much money you’ve made throughout the day.

Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? Well it’s not!

It’s completely possible with internet marketing and it’s helping thousands of people all around the world experience a brand new kind of life.

Work Where You Want

With a local business or franchise, you have to turn up to the same place of work every day. But when you run your business online, you can work from wherever you want.

You can choose where you work – from home, the cafe, even the beach!

You can also choose your own hours. And if you want to go on holiday, you even have the freedom to get some work done while you’re away. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re set.

Reach a Global Market

With a local business, franchise or multi level marketing, you’re usually limited to your local market. That can be slim pickings, especially if you have competition. With internet marketing, you have the ability to reach the whole world.

Your pool of potential customers just increased by several BILLION!

Infinitely Scalable

Imagine you have a locally based business. Perhaps it’s a franchise, or your own independent business, or multi level marketing, or you might even own some real estate. You’re making a decent amount of money, but you want to make more money and take your business to the next level.

It’d be difficult. The local market is only so big, so you’d need to open up another premises in another locale. Then you’d need to hire staff to run that premises.


With internet marketing, it’s almost always much simpler to scale your business. All you need to do is ramp up your advertising budget so that more people are arriving onto your website. Then your sales volume will go up, and you didn’t need to add more websites or hire any staff.

This is especially true if you’re a member of Freedom Editor. The company provides the products and websites, handles the phone sales, handles the fulfillment, processes payments and handles customer support. So you won’t ever run into these kinds of “growing pains” – the company takes all the burden.

Better yet, internet marketing is infinitely scalable because it has so many different applications. You can use it to sell literally anything. Once you’ve learned it, it will be a useful skill that you can draw upon, no matter which paths you take in the future.

Dig Deeper

Let our free internet marketing tutorials introduce you to the various methods. You might even decide you want to dig deeper into any, or all, of these methods. If you do, each tutorial finishes up with details on how and where to learn more.

Or, if you’re ready to take the plunge with internet marketing, check out Freedom Editor.